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If you are buying a resale HDB flat and is a first-timer, you may be eligible for a CPF Housing Grant of of to $160,000 provided that your average gross monthly household income must not exceed $14,000 or
$21,000 if purchasing with extended family.

SC/SC household can get a $50,000 Family Grant when buying a 2 to 4-room resale HDB flat or $40,000 Family Grant when buying a 5-room or bigger flat, an EHG of up to $80,000 depending on your household income and a Proximity Housing Grant of $30,000 when living with your parents or $20,000 to live near your parents.

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Nick Tan
Dear Sir/Mdm,

With the information that you shared, it seems that you have not applied for any CPF housing grant before. If that is the case, you will be eligible for the first timer grant of 40k or 50k and also the Proximity Housing Grant of 20k if you are staying near your child and is within 4km.

Please feel free to contact me so that I can understand your situation better and assist you to check on your eligibility.

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Aaron Chong
Hi, I would be most glad to assist you further and pls feel free to let me know if you need any assistance. Hope to hear from you soon and have a great week ahead. By the way, yes you are eligible for the grant as well as further grant for staying near children.

Aaron Chong
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Daphne Lin 林炜婷
Hi, as mentioned above, it seems that based on what you have described most likely you will be eligible for the grants.

Do note that this is of course based on your income aside from the proximity housing grant. It will be essential for you to do up the financial calculation before deciding on your options.

Do contact me for the grant chart as I am unable to attach the file here, will also have to assess your eligibility.

Thanks & Regards,
Daphne Lin

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Robbie Chen Chee Howe

Yes, as a first timer, you qualify for the CPF Housing Grant. And if your household income is less than $9k, you also qualify for Enhanced Housing Grant. Should you purchase a resale flat that is within 4km to your child's place of residence, you also qualify for Proximity Housing Grant!

I am experienced and well-versed in both private and HDB resale transactions. I will be able to assist you in your housing plans.

Should you need require further assistance in matters relating to property, please contact me at my mobile 9748 6305. I will be happy to assess and share with you the possibilities for you in the current market.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Robbie Chen
9748 6305
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Taufik Hussein
You did mention you did not take any grants and thus you are considered a first timer. As a first timer, you are eligible for CPF housing grants of up to $160k just like any other first timer although you do own a resale previously. In addition , you are also eligible for PHG grant as every person is given 1 chance to utilise it. When your child utilise the PHG grant 10 years back, it will not affect your chances of applying a PHG grant for your own utilisation . I do provide free and non obligatory services on property issues Do contact me at 93375051 for a discussion on this.
Taufik Hussein
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Silvia Yang
Hi Sir/Madam

I will be glad to assist
I won't be able to contact you first as I do not have your contact, appreciate if you can contact me at (65) 96608508 or Silviayang8@gmail.com with details of your unit
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Thank you.

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Joanne Chia 谢诗琳
Good day sir / madam .

You and your spouse can get as much as 160k grant if your family fulfill all the conditions .

1. Have not bought new hdb direct from hdb .

2. Have not took any grant from hdb .

3. Very Low income , SINGAPOREAN working couple Will be Eligible for the most grant , higher income working couple will be eligible for less grant . I can help you with the applications for the grant .

Kindly contact me joanne chia at hp 8333 3327 or a no obligations chat for your property needs.

My charges are 1% commission for exclusive / sole agent selling rights to Your property , or 2% for open listing, as many agents as you wish .

Joanne chia
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