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A tenancy agreement protects both the landlords and tenants whereby there are terms and conditions that both parties must abide to during the rental period. This is to prevent any disputes from both parties.

When you sign a tenancy agreement, you have an interest in the property giving you exclusive possession for a fixed period of a certain duration, usually in consideration of a payment termed 'rent'.

The essential features of the tenancy are as follows:
- Tenant has exclusive possession of the property.
- Tenancy runs for a certain or fixed period of time.
- Landlord’s rights are subject to the tenancy.
- Landlord has reversionary interest of the property upon termination of the tenancy.

Upon renewal, the landlord has a right to increase the rent during the tenancy period. You can either choose to renew the Tenancy Agreement at a higher price or look for a new place.

We advise you to resolve the matter amicably with your landlord.

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Hi, should the landlord decides to increase rental, you will be left with no choice and it’s either to accept or to move on finding the next unit once the lease ends. Anyway, this period will see a surge of rental prices be it HDB flat or private property, and that could be the reason your landlord would want to follow the trend and follow suit.

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