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Geryl Lim
Hi Ken,

The decision to upgrade will not come easy, especially so for the majority of the working class always wary about the next economic downturn so on.

Based on your presentation of situation, I believe you have done a fair bit of homework to have come out with the various figures and I am pretty sure you are likely to be able to afford for the downpayment based on your figures, nevertheless, I wish to highlight that for application of loans from banks, they will not only look at your monthly household income, but also at your expenses as well as credit rating to be determined, therefore it will be good if you can seek the advise of a banker instead on loan portion.

With the low interest rates at present, I would think it is likely to be more practical to improve the cashflow on your end therefore having more cash with you is ideal, especially so when you can probably do a refinancing should there be any changes to interests rates. This is purely my opinion.

My only concern for you is the period between your sale of your existing EA to your TOP of EC where you need to have roof overhead for your family. 80% loan eligibility is for buyers without any existing home loan, otherwise the maximum eligibility is 60%.

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