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A landlord is bounded by the following covenants to a tenant:
1. Quiet enjoyment of the premises, which means tenant can enjoy the use of the premises without interference.
2. Non-derogation from the grant, landlord must observe all the terms granted to tenant.
3. Property must be fit for habitation at the start of the lease term;
4. Structure and facilities must be in good repair.
5. Good title. He is the owner and has the right to rent.
6. Pay property tax and quit rent if any
7. Exclusive possession of the premises for the fixed term, so long as the fixed term given has not expired.
8. If landlord has sold or transferred his interest, buyer or successor-in-title is bound to observe the terms of the lease granted

Under points 3 and 4 of the landlord's covenant, the landlord must ensure the property is safe for you to stay and is structurally sound.

The general rule is that a chattel (fittings) always remains the tenant’s property and is removable by him at the end of the tenancy, whereas a fixture is the property of the landlord and the tenant has no right of removal.

In this case, the glass panel is considered a fixture.

Therefore, it is the landlord's responsibility to replace it.

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