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Thanks for sharing about your plans. May I know the location of your hdb? If its in a mature estate with future infrastructure developments in the Master Plan 2014, it might be worth keeping it after all as there are still growth catalysts for appreciation (ie. appreciation value can offset any potential loss of rental). If its likely to lose value in terms of both property price and rental income, then you be better off selling it now, as there are also maintenance and upkeep costs (during rental periods+ vacancy periods when tenant changes). Another angle you have to take note is whether the ABSD can be '"recouped" by keeping your current hdb, ie. Is the property able to appreciate further enough to cover the ABSD costs and maintain its rental value, as and when you sell it a few years down the road? Ultimately its a matter of your personal outlook of the property market.

It will be ideal if I can have more info to make better recommendations. Thanks and look forward to value-add to your housing plans further.

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If we are purely talking about numbers, let's just take 70% efficiency (deducting agent fees for securing tenants, maintenance of the condition of unit as well as vacancy period in between tenants) of rental occupancy assuming your HDB can fetch $1.5k rental each month for the remaining 69years, you are working on a final figure of rental amount at $869,400 in rental received for 69years. Do you think that is a realistic figure?

This will only be practical or realistic if you need not stretch yourself financially for the 2nd property in terms of payments up front as well as the stamp duties applicable on top of the interest rates you are paying.

Hope the above explanation is simple enough to facilitate decision making.

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YT Tan (陈永达)
Good afternoon upgrader,

Nowadays you cant do decoupling for HDB thus ABSD is unavoidable if you want to purchase a second residential property.

If you decide to hold on to HDB and rent it out at the same time, pay ABSD, you will have to calculate how long do you need to rent it out to cover the sales proceeds and ABSD.

For instance, rental is $2000 not inclusive of property tax, maintenance costs etc.

Sales proceeds is $$100k and ABSD is $70k. You will need to rent it out for at least 7 years assuming it is occupied without any rental loss.

At the same time, the rental wont be able to cover your mortgage for second property for the same period as well. So what do you think will be a better option?

As an owner, you know it yourself that as the property gets older, the value will drop. If you feel there wont be any upside and more competition for sale or rental in future, what should you do?

Perhaps you can share more with me on your current HDB and your next ideal accommodation so I will be in a better position to assist and advise you further.

Let's see which option works best for you and whether will you possibly have any cash reserves for raining days.

Just to share!

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Joanne Chia 谢诗琳
Hi sir / madam

There are many costs if you choose to the hdb rental income route .

Most costly is the ABSD .

Vacant months meaning no rent .

Bad paymasters tenants .

Agent fees .

Maintainance fees / wear and tear .

Property tax for hdb caculated at higher rate of non-owner occupied .

Income tax from hdb rental income .

Loan Interest .

I will not choose the hdb rental route if i have to pay ABSD .

Kindly contact me for a no-obligations chat for your property needs .

My charges are 1% commission for exclusive selling rights to your hdb or 2% for open listing .

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