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Geryl Lim

It is a stereotype mindset that the real estate market only comprises of HDB or commercial.

What about other residential markets like the condominiums and landed properties? These are also huge market which has vast potentials even after so many property cooling measures.

I am not indicating that commercial properties are not attractive to focus, but rather, I thought that you could probably talk to more seniors in this industry to find out what other market segments are there. For example, I do have a specific team within my group that focuses in doing retail market (shopping malls and etc.) that is very niche.

Let me know how I may assist you further.


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Tony Teo
Huttons is the market leader in developer sales for landed homes, condominiums, shops, offices and industrial (commercial). Find out why new project launches are easy, especially for newbies! :)

Check out www.HuttonsCareer.com (great for newbies!) and SMS/call for a chat.

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Kevin Chung 莊國賢
More than half of my agents are doing commercial & industrial real estate. There is not better or worst, but really depends on what suit you the best.

Personally, I gave up my consulting business to join DTZ as it's a global brand that enable me to leverage on the International connections. Many from my DARE Group within DTZ were from corporate background. We have former Executive Director of listed company, ex-Director from MNCs, ex-Director from Singtel..etc. We also have ex-teacher, stay-at-home-mum, auditor, banker, IT professional....etc.

Regardless of their background, our role is to equip them to be productive as soon as possible by teaching them to work creatively leveraging on each other's skills.

You are do real estate alone or with a multi-talented team. It is really a personal choose, but there are advantage associating with a strong team.

It's diffcult to share here, drop me a sms via HP 968 55070 and we can discuss further in private. I can share with you why I choose DTZ and also help you understand the strength and weakness of the various agencies.

We are selectively recruiting, but you do not need to join DARE Group. There are many good agencies and teams to consider. If you like DTZ branding, give me a call or sms.

Be greatly blessed in your real estate business.

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Catherine PANG
there are many good agencies.
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