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Hi Aliz,

What the bank has informed is true. And it applies to HDB as well.

If you need help in searching for properties for sale and also to arrange for viewings, let me know as i have the list of apartments for sale in the current market for the past 2mths including today.

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Hi Aliz,

The bank can give up to 90% depending on case to case basis.

For HDB loan, HDB gives up to 90% loan and the 10% downpayment can be solely CPF.

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Hi Aliz,
For Resale Market Purchase,

Private Property:
The Bank Approved Loan can be varies from 70% to 90% of Valuation Price in this current market. I had just transacted with a 85% bank loan and a 90% in principle approved. Most of the time is 80-85% of Valuation Price.

For HDB, resale purchase. 5% of Valuation has to be cash.
Balance Valuation Price can use CPF or CPF + Cash.

I hope the above calrifications help in your Home Hunting. If u need further clarifications, (without any Obligations) I can be reached @ 91465252  .

Happy Home Hunting !!!

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