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Geryl Lim
Hi Nurulnorah,

Like what my fellow professionals are advising, go through the tenancy agreement to check if there is any diplomatic clause involved and that is there any clause that allows the tenant to terminate the tenancy agreement prematurely without compensating. If these clauses are missing, I believe you have every right to seek compensation for violating the tenancy agreement. It will be good if you can still contact the salesperson who brokered this deal for assistance.


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Daniel Tan
Hi ,
I would like to propose a solution that's win-win for both sides.
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Soh Huan Yao (Stanley)

From your date stated in your question I presume she has given you at least 2 months notice to end TA. Since now is Nov and she want to move out in Jan.
Best way is to look at your TA and see if there is any termination clause in it.
If your tenant has served you ample notice as stated in the TA, then there is really nothing much you can do except to open up your unit NOW to get new tenants.
I will be glad to assist you.

Just Give me a call and I see how best to advise.

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