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A minor repair clause is for the maintenance of the property due to wear and tear and not due to the tenant's negligence. These include the flooring, interior plaster and other surface materials, doors, windows, locks and furniture. The tenant shall pay up to $150 per item while the landlord bears the exceeding $150 per item as stated in the invoice.

This clause is to avoid minor inconveniences to the landlord whenever there are small issues.

If the water is rusty, it may be due to rusts from the faucets explaining why you are experiencing leakages. You can change the faucet, get the invoice and ask the landlord to compensate you for the amount exceeding $150. The same goes for the led light.

The general rule is that a chattel (fittings) always remains the tenant’s property and is removable by him at the end of the tenancy, whereas a fixture is the property of the landlord and the tenant has no right of removal.

We advise you to speak to your landlord with regards to your issues and come to an amicable solution.

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