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Firstly, the seller has been upfront with you that the unit is tenanted. If you had known the HDB flat is tenanted, you should not proceed with the purchase.

Secondly, the Tenancy Agreement binds the seller to the tenant and not you. Therefore, the seller has to fulfil the Tenancy Agreement.

Thirdly, the resale completion is about 8 weeks from the date of HDB's acceptance of the resale application.

An HDB flat cannot be sold with tenancy. Hence, once the HDB flat is sold, the tenancy comes to an end.

Therefore, it is likely that the tenancy will come to an end by November 2021. The seller cannot extend the tenancy agreement as the minimum rental period for an HDB flat is for 6 consecutive months

From the looks of it, it is likely the tenant will move out before your completion.

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1) Legally you have no right to the property until completion of sales.
2) This is an extension, not a new tenancy contract. The landlord can allow tenants to extend their tenancy as long as both parties are comfortable with the arrangement.
3) It will be in your interest to keep a good relationship between the seller and yourself to ensure the completion is smoothly carried out without any hiccups.

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