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I believe the priority is to engage a committed and professional agent who can see through your whole housing plans and with a thorough marketing and pricing strategies. Increasing the market exposure and potential pool of buyers (& potential price) should be more important than minimizing the transaction costs. The market norm for a sale is 2% of transacted price + 7% GST. May I have more info and requirements about your plans so to make better recommendations? Thanks and look forward to value-add to your housing plans.

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-- HDB BTO 4rm Sellers Mr. Farvin & Ms. Sel --

Ivan was the first agent that we met up with and right from the offset we had good vibes as he has a friendly personal approach, detailed working style and focuses on building the long-term relationship.

Our unit comes with its challenges but Ivan remained positive and had no qualms committing to our plans right from the start. It took only 6 weeks of aggressive marketing for him to secure a good offer which was a pleasant surprise in the end.

Ivan was always responsive and we had no worries to pass him the house keys. The whole process was transparent and hassle free, and he was always thinking from our point of view on how to make life easier for the client. He is a committed professional and has fast execution, so we felt assured that things are done well and we can entrust the sale process entirely to him.

--- HDB Flat Upgraders Mr. & Mrs. Lee ---

We decided to engage Ivan as our agent as we were impressed with how he answered the enquiries on property guru website.

He has helped us to find our ideal unit and also sold our current unit. He was very patient and never pushy when we were looking for our ideal unit. He would tell us that it is always important to find a unit that we really liked.

When it comes to selling of our unit, he was always prompt in arranging for viewings and he also tried his best to arrange and consolidate the viewings due to our time constraints. He is a reliable and prompt agent and is always willing to clarify any concerns and questions that we have.

Thanks Ivan! :)

-- HDB 5-rm Sellers Mr. & Mrs. Ting --

We have engaged the services of Ivan Ng for sale of our property at Pandan Gardens. He is professional and systematic in his marketing approach.

He is hardworking and committed to his work. He puts in great efforts in arranging clients for viewings and kept us updated thereafter. He is ever ready to help and guide us whenever the need arises.

He provided us with sound and useful advice as well as closely follow through from the start till the smooth sale of the property within a short period of time.

Thanks, Ivan. Keep up the good work! Read More
Hi Mr Owner,
You may contact me at 97100155  so that I can more details .
No obligation.
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Hi, the market practice for commission will be at 2% plus GST. However it is still negotiable between the seller and the agent. P,s feel free to let me know if you need any assistance.

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Good evening,

You would need to ask yourself what is your main concern. IF an agent is able to close the deal for you at above the market rate which you are not able to secure, would 2% be too much to ask from you?
Looking at the interest of client, even if an agent promise you 1% commission but secures a buyer at lower than expected rate, it would not be in your favor, right?

Mike Lim

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There is no market rate to commission payable as it should be agreed upon by both the vendor and salesperson. Otherwise Developers will not be giving out 4% or even more for some projects to begin with.

The existing options now is due to the allowance of all salespersons to work on the marketing aspects of your property, where it is like a ‘all hell break loose’ situation. You need to be in control or you should allow one or at most 2 salesperson be in control of the situation, especially when price is concern, otherwise should 1 of the salesperson involve in this marketing assignment starts underquoting to prospects, you will be unable to realise the actual potential value of your place and could be simply wasting your time while all the irresponsible actions of a bad salesperson take place.

I have a classic example which I can share with you on such arrangement which took place only a couple of months back where seller has agreed to a price offered by a buyer, only for a buyer to back out and subsequently this buyer purchased the same place at a lower price through another salesperson who quoted lower than what I have done.

I believe you are a wise and upright owner to come forward to ask such question in order not to shortchange us as a professional therefore do not allow any chance for any of us to shortchange you in the process too.

I look forward to hear from you in private if we do have any opportunity to work together, due to the fact that we are not alerted for any responses which you may post on this thread.

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I am Bryan Lee from ERA and will be glad to assist you in marketing your unit. You can find some of my testimonials from clients here http://www.era.com.sg/?s=Bryan+Lee

Commission can be discussed, most importantly is to successfully help you sell your place at reasonable price.

Kindly contact me at 869-12345 Call / SMS / Whatsapp.

Hope I can be granted an opportunity to assist you, thank you very much.

Warmest Regards,
Bryan Lee
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The market practice for agent commission is 2% for sale, but negotiable. Most importantly is able to sell it at reasonable price at the time frame. This also mean the agent must put in extra effort to market for sale. I am glad to assist you in this case.

To assist and advise you more in details, kindly drop me an email for me to share.

I am contactable at my mobile or email.

CK Ang
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Actually it is really the right decision to engage a professional realtor to assist you in the sale of your property. Haha I wanna declare that I am not saying this because I am a realtor myself.

Seriously in the sale of a property, having the right realtor assisting you not only makes a difference in the price but it also makes a difference in the whole smoothness of the transaction. And this is especially true when it comes to both selling and buying at the same time as the timeline planning has to be really meticulous. And most importantly the whole transaction can be trouble free and stress free for you.

What I would suggest is that probably we can meet up for a chat and we can discuss this further. No worries as there are no obligations at all and we can really just take it as a chat. We can also take the opportunity to do some financial calculations for you and also answer whatever queries that you might have. We can also discuss about your future plans and we can plan towards your goals too.

My partner and I have served many clients over time and we are glad that we have made so many friends over time. Many were also very kind to have left testimonials for us. We were also featured in the Council of Estate Agents newsletter for Good Client Service last year and personally I was also humbled to have won the SAEA Real Estate Excellence Silver Award for Best Client Service in 2015. We have always pride ourselves as realtor who always placed our client's interests in the top priority and we believe that this should be the way in treating everyone. We also believe we will be able to provide some good advice for you too.

Looking forward to hear from you soon! Cheers!

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Joey Ong 王祖鸸
Dear Mr/Madam,

Saw your post. Have you started selling your House?

Commission is subject to the discussion & agreement of both seller and salesperson.

Perhaps we can meet up for a discussion? Please feel free to call me at 9436 5945  for a non obligatory discussion at your convenience? And I can share with you how I can assist you in the sales.

I am active & experienced agent in RENTING and SALES of HDB and Condo, New Launches and have assisted many happy sellers in their sales of houses for the past 7 years with GOOD track record. You can take a look at my profile in our websites www.joeyongproperty.com or www.94365945.com or even talk to our previous clients.

1) Full time experienced agents in Real Estate industry 7 years coming 8 years.

2) We subscribe and invest heavily in many PAID property portals to help our clients to rent and sell fast and effectively!

Please feel free to call me at 9436 5945  for a non obligatory discussion at your convenience.

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TESTIMONIALS from our Happy Clients:

“We'd like to thank you …for assisting with the sale of our previous flat and purchase of our current home. You have kept us regularly updated throughout the process and demonstrated integrity during negotiations and final transactions. You have basically earned our trust as truly hard-working, diligent property agents. Would gladly recommend you to others. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours. “ Mr Nathan

“It has been our pleasure working with you for the disposal of our flat. You have put in the effort more than what you should have in helping us manage the buyers especially the Tan family.
We did also see the assistance you've provided to the Tan family where they were not represented by any agents and we've been impressed by your professionalism & not to mention the time you've taken to travel, at the buyers request, etc, etc.
We appreciate your efforts and wishing you both prosperity as we usher into the year of the Snake.
Thank you” Ms Karen

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