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Yian Tay
Hi Feity,

I have 2 friends living in Gardenvista. I live nearby too. This is a nice neighbourhood and does attract good rental income. If you are not living in this condo, continue to lease it out.

There are not many new developments in that area and hence it is still in a good position to appreciate in capital gains.

The real estate market is moving side-ways at the moment and different segments of the real estate market is experiencing different responses to sales. Property in good location like Gardenvista has high value.

Just like Ben Loo (also from ERA) has highlighted the new MRT line will be coming up opposite Beauty World. Although it isn't exactly outside your house, it is still convenience for you.

All these factors will contribute to the value of your property in the near future.
If you would like to find out how you may unlock the value of your property without having to sell your property, please give me a call. You are of no obligation to engage my services.

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