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You are currently staying in 5 room flat with area size of 110sqm or bigger. With your budget of around $800k, you are eligible to purchase EC or resale condo of around 70 to 80sqm. Are you confortable with the sizing change? Is it good enough to accomodate your family size?

New EC are cheaper than resale market unit but definitely smaller. Some of their location are good while some are ideal. If your investment partners have sufficient trust and captial, by all means, go ahead. But do note that as your name will not appear as owner for the private property which you intend to invest, it pose as a risk.

As for getting a resale private property, based on the capital that you have, excluding how much loan you can get, you are eligible for 1 or 2 bedroom unit, depending on location. Hence renting out your condo or HDB flat would then depend on your preference on prestige life style or convenience living.

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Hi EHan,

Basing on $160k cash to pay for downpayment of condo to invest in while retaining your current HDB, the quantum value of the condo which you can purchase is in the range of $800k or below. Since you mentioned that you will be taking this purchase as an investment with your family member, the investment quantum could likely be higher.

There is unlikely to be much difference if you purchase a brand new EC or not since you will be occupying the brand new EC once TOP and purchasing the private condo under your family member, therefore your rental yield is likely to be the same.

With the uncertainty glooming over the real estate market, are you comfortable in putting in more money for a self occupied property.

To sum it up, I'd say it makes little difference monetarily in my opinion for the options you have listed. In terms of comfort for self occupation in HDB or EC, it will depends on your family and lifestyle.

Let me know how I may assist you further.


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