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Soh Huan Yao (Stanley)

Assuming you are a Singapore Citizen, The ABSD you are liable is 7% plus 3% normal stamp duty.

So For a $1mil Property, the first 20% will be $200K and the Stamp duty is approx $100K
so the total amount of Cash needed is approx $300K

Regarding about the Monthly Installment, it would be best to get a professional banker to advise you would be better.
Max loan Tenure now is Max 30 yrs loan or Age 65 which ever is lower.

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Stanley soh
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D. Kumar
just to add further, in order to invest in private property one should be staying for 5 years before acquiring any interest in private property.
for PR, If you acquire private property you will be required to stay in HDB and lease out pte pty.
As for loan base on your given age, you are eligible for 30 years loan and 80% loan subject to your income, however you need to check with banker.
As a professional sales person ,I work with banker closely to assist my client with regards to real estate matter, for further assistant, pls call me at 96659926.