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YT Tan (陈永达)
Good evening buyer,

maybe you can share more on your finances (cash and CPF OA funds on hand) so I can further advise you with the aid of financial plan.

But as a rough gauge if you are a Singaporean, you will need to fork out initial downpayment of 20% (5% cash and 15% CPF OA or cash), estimated 3% buyer's stamp duty, valuation fee, stamp duty for mortgage, legal fees etc. It will be around 23% of purchase price and you can use all of your CPF OA funds for the 15% downpayment.

Hope to hear from you soon so I can further advise you.

Warmest Regards,
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Ivan Ng

As discussed, breakdown as follows if you are a citizen:

Of purchase price,
5% cash
15% cpf
3% stamp duties (approx)

Adding up to 23%, of which minimum 5% must be cash.

Assuming you can take a 80% bank loan.

If required, we can discuss over email a rough estimation of the max bank loan you can get. From there, will share with you the detailed financial breakdown and narrow down the projects you can consider quickly, so as to answer your question. Thanks and hope to value-add to you soon.

Warm regards,
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