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A tenancy agreement protects both the landlords and tenants whereby there are terms and conditions that both parties must abide to during the rental period. This is to prevent any disputes from both parties.

A lease agreement consists of the following:
- Premises: Includes the date, name of parties and address of the property concerned
- Habendum: Meaning “to have and to hold”, indicates the commencement and duration of the lease term
- Reddendum: Rent clause in the lease. Includes rent amount, deposit, service charge, rent review
- Convenants: Expressed and implied covenants
- Conditions
- Warranty

As such, you cannot just increase the rent during the tenancy period.

You can only do so after the lease period is up. Otherwise, it will be a breach of the Tenancy Agreement which means the tenant can take legal actions against you for not adhering to the term of the agreement.

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