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To put record straight is you are only eligible to purchase a resale flat under Single Citizen Scheme upon reaching 35 yrs old.

Now to answer your queries:
1) If this flat is bought from HDB direct or received subsidizes, yes, you are consider a 2nd timer if you buy yourself only.
If you are buying with under family scheme, and the other half is a 1st timer, your application will still remain as 1st timer.

2) All properties are able to sell in Singapore. It is matter of reaching to the correct buyer at the correct timing at the right price.

3) Same as (1), you can only buy under Single Citizen Scheme when you reach 35 yrs old.
If you are buying with your mother, then it consider as family scheme.

4) There are certain condition to determine how much you get from HDB loan: Any current loan other than housing, such as car, credit card, personal overdraft etc.
This is assuming you don't have any outstanding loan: $238k, monthly repayment $1,080, loan period: 25 yrs.

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YT Tan (陈永达)
Hi Sir/ Mdm,

You will be eligible to purchase solely as Single Singapore Citizen Scheme once you turn 35 years old. You should be able to loan around $264k with a gross income of $4k at the age of 35 years old.

If you wish to purchase a resale HDB now, yes you will have to purchase with your mom under public scheme.

Additionaly most units can be sold unless pricing is wrong.

Lastly, you should be a first timer unless you have enjoy subsidy before (buy BTO or taken housing grant before). You can check with HDB on this.

Hope my sharing aids in clearing your doubts.

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