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Jack Teo
Hi Genuine buyer,

I agree with Precia's comments. To answer your questions, you will need to ask yourself a few questions.

Before you purchase, what's your profile? Do you find you are much better seeing loads of cash upfront or sustainability over long term? There's a difference as these will vary with your objectives.

To facilitate in your decision of re-selling, you may consider new condos projects which will be TOPing in a few years. You may 'flip' when the project has TOPped. That's why you get to know more sellers in Casa Merah.

For renting, you need to know what's in the condo project? facilities, the management, location, the market, type of leasehold. Why all these factors? Different facilities will attract different tenants, whether the management is doing a fine job in maintaining the property thus adding and maintaining the value of the property, location as tenants tend to rent near to their workplace and who's your targeted market? singles?? couples?? family??

All these factors will add up in commanding a prenium rent as these will cater to their needs.

Currently, i'm a district specialist in D15 & 16 specialising in condos. Should you need assistance in looking up or viewing of any units, feel free to pop by a call or text me @ 9643 4233.

I will be having open houses in Tanjong Rhu area on 1st Nov (Sun). 2 freehold units and 1 99 year leasehold.

Hope to see you around.

Best regards,
Kenneth Low
District Specialist
kenneth.low.heming@gmail.com Read More


  • AL
    I am interested in new launches. Or if you have units that are going to TOP next year, developer sale or sub sale, i will be interested to view. Pls call me or email me the details.
    HP: 96563652
    Email: amyleefy@hotmail.com