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Robbie Chen Chee Howe

In the eyes of the law, you are not supposed to collect "rent" for your HDB, as you will need to fulfill the 5-year MOP before you can "sublet" the unit.

Also, the temporary extension of stay may not be valid either. As the Sellers will need to have already committed to their next housing, before being eligible for this extension of stay.

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    Thanks, the seller is not communicating and insisted he can stay for 3 months. I called HDB and they said they don't care as it's mutual agreement between buyer and seller. I told them the so-called agreement with 2 months of free stay/ extension of stay. But i don't agree to the 3rd month of extension even if seller wants to "compensate"". HDB said to seek lawyer's advice but also said, as the new flat owner, i own the flat and have the right to go into the system to terminate the extension stay by informing HDB via the portal, if there is no mutual agreement for further extension. My agent said to call police to evict seller on that day. Not the most ideal options.