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When a tenant signs a Tenancy Agreement with a landlord, he/she is bounded by the following covenants:
1. To pay rent
2. Keep the premises in good repair
3. No unauthorised alterations
4. Not to commit waste
5. Not to sublet
6. Allow access to landlord or potential tenant or buyer to view premises.
7. Pay all other rates, utilities etc.
8. Not to cause nuisance; and
9. Use the premises for it’s permitted purpose;

Under point 8 of the tenant's covenant, it appears the tenants has breached the tenancy agreement.

You can check the Property Ownership Information via INLIS at $5.25: https://app1.sla.gov.sg/inlis/#/POI

If your neighbour continues to cause nuisance, you can either approach the landlord to resolve the issue, seek mediation, or as a final resort, take the matter to court by filing a Magistrate’s Complaint after lodging a police report.

You can read more about settling neighbourly disputes here: https://www.propertyguru.com.sg/property-guides/hdb-noisy-neighbour-complaint-cdrt-21862

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