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Mervin Tang
Hello Sahul,

Thank you for your interest in QBay Residences.

You are absolutely right in that the land strip along Tampines Ave 10 is the next hottest thing in investment AND ownstay properties.

I am a group leader in the project and am very well versed in the location and the potential of the project.

First and foremost, the project has yet to reach the preview phase, which means that ALL units are available for selection unlike projects that have been in the market and have yet to sell out. Secondly, you will be buying in at the lowest possible pricing from the developer whereas projects with unsold units almost always raise prices after their preview dates.

On Capital Appreciation:
For QBay, as a project it enjoys significant 1st mover advantage as it is the first GLS (Government Land Sales) parcel in that area, demarcated as parcel A. The plot of land has already moved into the reserve list demarcated as parcel B. IF QBay sells well, you can be assured that developers will fight to bid for parcel B, which immediately puts QBay owners into a position of high capital gain potential.

Yes no doubt that there are many upcoming launches in the Tampines West area, there is much pent up demand. When our mobile teams are marketing the project on the ground, we receive feedback from the Tampines Residents that,

"Yes we are keen! We have been waiting for something in the Tampines area for a long time.."

On Rental Yield:
Prelim research is showing high capital gains potential based on rental price trends in the surroundings. When completed, the tenants will be drawn to a brand new collector's item, as compared to other surrounding projects which by then would be "dated".

The benefits of QBay Residences are just beginning. The development is led by:

Frasers Centerpoint,
Far East Organisation,
Seikisui House,

And this alone screams QUALITY and CLASS in its BRANDING. This is more of a collectors' item as compared to a housing project.

HUTTONS ASIA PTE LTD has been awarded the sole marketing rights to this project, and we look forward to hearing more from you should you be keen to find out more first hand information on the project and of course the likely pricing!

Best Regards,

Mervin Tang
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