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Philip Chong
Hi Ms Nureen, for any 1st property bought using bank loan, banks will loan you up to a maximum of 80% of the valuation of the property that you are keen in. The other 20% is covered by minimum 5% cash and 15% cash/cpf. As such, prior to committing any property, it would be good to check with the banks on your maximum loan quantum especially since you are working overseas for awhile. Would you be able to drop me an email to propnex@me.com or contact me @ 81613790 so that I can get the bankers to get in touch with you and also advise you from there. Rgds Philip Chong, Associate Team Director, SAEA Mortgage Planner, Propnex Realty Pte Ltd. Read More


Andrew Ngauw
Hi Nureen,

generally, it will be 5% cash and 15% cash/cpf with 80% loan for both government or private condos.

As such, it will be good if I can meet you at your convenience to fully explain loan mechanics as well as financial plan for your intentions.

Thank you and have a pleasant day ahead

Andrew Ngauw
8188 8887
GPS Alliance Pte Ltd
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Aaron Chong
Hi Nureen, assuming you do not have any cpf now, the payment is such that : 1) 20% cash. 2) 80% will be the bank loan. 3) 3% cash for the stamp duty. 4) $3000 is for the legal fee.

Pls also feel free to let me know if you need any banker's contact for any consultation first.

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CK Ang
Hi Nureen, congrats to be property owner soon. To purchase a property is a big thing. Buying a sweet home you must first love it. There are quite a few ground work before start looking. I would suggest you understand the purchase procedures and know the cooling measured implemented in Singapore.

I can be reachable at my mobile.

CK Ang
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