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J.A. Goh 吴永益
Hi Sony,

First 5% must be in Cash.
Next 15% either Cash or CPF or Combined.
Balance 80% assuming bank approve your loan.
The Stamp Duty (3% - $5,400) have to be in Cash initially, but can be reimbursed from CPF at a later stage.

So generally it means, for a $750K condo, you need at least minimum $54,600.

Hope this can give you an idea what cash portion you need to set aside for a condo. Please feel free to drop me an email or call me directly for further discussion.

Thanks & Best Regards
J.A.Goh - ERA
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Catherine PANG
stamp duty need to be paid within 14 days..tkae note that not all banks are not ready for 80% loan .. if you need to assess your fincncial planning..call 9680 4288
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