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Hi Olivia,

1) Personal view is if the agent is aware of the extension needed, this should have been brought up for discussion rather than trying to hide.
2) If the seller did gave a grace period so as for you to exercise the OTP at a later timing. You could also return the favor back out of goodwill.
3) Sometimes it is difficult just to take and not to give in the real world. We have to give and take somewhere.
4) You are absolutely right trying to follow all the rules and regulations spelled by the departments and country. This is so we do not land ourselves into a problem. But things just happened that are not totally under our control.
5) To minimize further damage, it is best you could have a face-to-face discussion with the seller to have a confirmed date you can takeover rather than continue crying over spilled beans.
It is always to your advantage when you can keep a healthy relationship with the seller.

Hope the above answer to your main concerns, but if there are more query, please feel free to contact me at 90110636  , or email: ling.ck7@gmail.com if more information is needed.
I'll be glad to assist.

Best regards
Ling CK

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