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1) Yes she can buy on her sole name first, and you can add your name later. ABSD is still payable as it depends on your property count when you purchase, which means when you add your name to the condo, it will be your 2nd property, hence 7% ABSD is applicable.

2) ABSD depends on property count that you own at purchase and is not determined by the number of mortgage loans.

3) Yes loan amount might be affected when you refinance since it becomes jointly owned.

The best approach looks like for her to purchase the condo on her own name.

May I have more info and requirements about your plans so to make better recommendations? Thanks and look forward to value-add to your housing plans.

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1) Yes, your fiancee can purchase the private property herself. But do take note ABSD will still took place if you adding you name in the private property as it will be the 2nd property that you own.

2)Yes, you may add in your name for the private property she buying provided you have fulfilled the MOP for existing HDB. ABSD still incurred if you adding in your name in the private property regardless have you cleared your existing loan for the hdb unit.

3)Yes, the amount of loan may revised since it is joinly owned. Hope this clarifies.

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Let me assist you in this matter.

1) Yes, you can add in your name after your fiancee purchased the unit. But you will be liable for ABSD for the portion you buy over from her. You can buy 1% share from her, and pay ABSD on the 1%. Do take note that she will have to pay SSD (on the 1%) if she sells you 1% share of the property within 4 years of the purchase. After 4 years, then there will be no SSD.

2) Yes, you can add your name into the private condo as long as you fulfill the 5-year MOP of your HDB flat. ABSD is still applicable in this case. But as I mention above, you can just buy 1% share from her to minimize the ABSD being paid.

3) Yes, loan amount will have to be reassess by the bank as there is a change of ownership of the private condo.

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