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Aaron Chong
Hi Cheryl You have the flexibility to go for a evening course for the Real Estate since you are working on a full time basis. After completing the course, you be required to sit and pass for 2 exam paper before you obtained the license. You may google on line for those institutions that offered RES course and the exam fees. Regards Aaron 9730 8455 aaronchong2774@yahoo.com.sg
Eric 李清海 Lee
talk to us or check this site http://goo.gl/qQUYoc
Tony Teo
Hi Cheryl, it's possible to do well part-time if you can manage your time and spare your weekends for viewings... I have a few part-timers in my team as well. Next step is to enrol on the part-time Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course and sit for the exam. You may wish to join an agency before that, e.g. at Huttons you will enjoy a discount off the course, and also start getting info about the industry, which may help you towards passing the exam. Check out www.HuttonsCareer.com - great for newbies! SMS me at 91518836 to discuss. TonyTeo 91518836 Senior Marketing Director & Group Director Huttons Real Estate Group www.HuttonsCareer.com
Eric 李清海 Lee
John Lee
Hi Cheryl Merry Xmas to U! In my opinion, the real estate game plan has already changed especially for this year after the implementation of the latest cooling measures by the government. Hence, it's very important to be doing the right things at the right direction. Do visit me and my Group of 300+ team members at www.teamhorizon.sg & Click "LIKE" at www.facebook.com/horizongroupsingapore to understand more about our people & business model. Kindly PM me at 90028425 for a 1-to-1 nin-obligatory career session. Looking forward to sharing with u more. Thank you JOHN LEE ERA Group Division Director *ERA Overall Top Recruiter for Year 2012 *ERA Overall Top Manager for Year 2010 *ERA Top 50 Achievers for Year 2010 & 2011
J.A. Goh 吴永益
Hi Cheryl, to become a real estate agent, you will need a CEA license. You need to pass the RES exams before you are qualified. As now you have a full-time jobs, I suggest you sign up for the course, go for evening classes and then take the exams. From signing up the course till you get your exams results will atkes around 3-4 months before you can practice. So during these 4 mths while you taking course, do save up in your full-time jobs, as there will be cost involved when you enter this industry. Let me know anyday if you are free to meet at ERA Hersing building. I can share with you more regarding this indutsry and also walk you around my agency. This way you will have a better idea and understanding before you joined. No worry, no obligation. Best Regards, J.A.Goh, HP: 96390350.
Joshua Koh
Hi Cheryl, Lets meet and i can share with you about how i able to break through in this industry. I am just like you 1 and a half year ago, wondering what is in this industry for me. Cheers! Best Regards, Joshua Koh Marketing Director ERA Realty Network PTE LTD CEA Reg No: R044856J HP: (+65) 91827557 EMail: joshuakohyk@gmail.com