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Jerry Wong 黃崇豪
Hi Mrs Kumar

As you are well aware since you have visited so many launches that developers actually spend a lot of money on the building facade. The landscaping is carefully thought out and the positioning of certain key facilities is done to ensure everyone comes home to a relaxed and comfortable environment. One that might even lift up your spirits.

However, the PES is in an area where it is opened to the public eye. Any modifications you do to it might seem tasteful to you but will affect the overall theme and facade of the building. Since condos strata-titled, the land, communal services and now even eye-sore are shared by everyone.

However, there are some excellent uses of the PES area for a KOI pond, children's own private playground, exotic orchids or simply a place to house man's best friend. Possibilities are pretty much to your own imagination.

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Jerry Wong
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Huttons Asia Pte Ltd
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