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Hi, what was the original agreement when the unit was rented? That is the most fair way as the agreement was signed according to that when the unit was rented. Rgds Philip Chong, Associate Team Director, Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner, PropNex Realty Pte Ltd. Hp: 81613790  Email: propnex@me.com Read More
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    Hi Philip. Thanks for your answer. Initial agreement was 1700 for the master and 1600 for the common. Initially the master was only occupied by one person and this was the only way to get the flat as none of us wanted to pay more than 1700. But the situation has changed now, because the master bedroom is taken by a couple, so we want to realign to the "market" in terms of repartition. Initial situation: Master bedroom: 1 person - 1700SGD Common bedroom: 1 person - 1600SGD New situation: Master bedroom: couple Common bedroom: 1 person I heard that usually, 500sgd is the difference for a two bedroom flat, so is 1900 vs 1400 a fair price for everybody?