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Rix Jim
Hi for your case, we would have to take into consideration the age of both you and your wife. but if you are thinking of purchasing a HDB under the married couple scheme, you would have to find ways to discharge the current property you are holding. The other option would be private properties but you would still be liable for ABSD as this is considered to be your second property. there are ways to get around this issue depending on your situation. do drop me a call or e mail for a more detailed discussion before i can recommend a suitable solution to you.
Rix Jim
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Yen Ling
If you are financially capable enough, please go ahead and buy private. Dont bother to withdraw your name buy hdb blah blah blah. There will be alot of consequences, and is not the idea plan. Why 10years in waiting for the MOP of the house.

best plan
Go ahead any buy a condo under your name or your wife name.

agt yen
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  • LD
    Hi can I check what is the difference between buying a condo :
    1) under my name
    2) under my name and my wife name combined?