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Dennis Chee
Hi Niwot,
Pertaining to your questions.

1) Yes. If you had used the housing grant in your current flat, you will wait after 5 years before you can sell it UNLESS you have very strong reasons in supporting your cause for the change of flat.

2)No. You are not able to hold on to 2 HDB properties at the same time however HDB will allow you to have time frame of probably 6 months (transition period) for you to dispose of your old flat but it is on a case to case basis.

Please do get back to me @94385701 should you have any queries pertaining the sale or purchase of your property. Thank you.

Best Regards
Dennis ERA
Marketing Director
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  • CO
    Thanks Dennis Guru.
    So which means I only can buy Private property (like condo or terrace house, etc)?
    If so, after 5yrs or anytime?