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Geryl Lim
Hi BK,

You are sort of contradicting yourself in terms of expecting reviews from the professionals in the field but doubting us also due to our professions.

To put it quite straightforward manner, as you are looking for an upgrade (meaning purchasing for your own stay and selling your existing HDB once the EC TOPs), it is important that you have no issues with the location of the projects first. Once you are fine with the location, you will need to find out more about the type of units available, as well as the theme of the EC that is selling for. Preferably to get a brochure of the project itself and find out more if there is any floor plans and layouts included to understand if it suits you. From the price point of view, ECs will differ from towns to towns, and will also be affected by the HDB transacted prices in the area on top of how much the developer has gotten the land for.

All in all, as long as you are able to support the purchase financially and feel comfortable about it instead of working your socks off just to maintain the purchase and not getting to enjoy the comfort of the new home, my take is that it is always a good purchase for EC. We cannot dictate the pricings of developers and in whichever circumstances, there will always be a better market somewhere, somehow and somewhat.

Let me know how I may assist you further.


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