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(1) Will your kids be able to inherit your mum’s HDB and whether you can retain the right to sell or keep

Your children will be able to inherit your mother’s HDB if she has a will and has designated them as beneficiaries in her will. Without a will, the beneficiaries will be based on intestacy law (a set of distribution rules predetermined by the law) and will depend on the surviving next-of-kin. Please check the following article for a chart on who gets what under Singapore’s intestacy law.

Please note that if your “kids” are underage or already hold an HDB, there will be complications. Additionally, if your children inherit the flat, the right to buy or sell belongs to them. You will need to speak to a lawyer to check for alternative arrangements.

(2) Will your bankruptcy affect inheritance
Your bankruptcy will not affect your children inheriting your mother’s flat and their assets will not be implicated by your bankruptcy. Should you have alternative arrangements in (1), you will need to check with a lawyer on the implications of bankruptcy on that arrangement.

Essentially, if you do not have legal right to an asset, it is not yours and it won’t be affected by your bankruptcy. If you have some sort of legal right in the asset, it becomes complicated and your creditors may have access to it.

Here’s an example on revocable trust to help you understand the issue at hand:

Here are some additional points to note:
- HDB flats are protected from creditors when at least one of the owners is a Singapore citizen
- You would still have to pay your loan/mortgage and failure to do so may result in forced sale or seizure of the flat.

Here are resources on implications of bankruptcy on HDB ownership:

(3) Whether you can decouple
HDB ownership transfer rule was tightened in 2016 to allow for transfers under six special cases: marriage, divorce, death of an owner, financial complications, renunciation of citizenship and medical reasons. Outside of these, it will be case by case.

Here are more resources on decoupling and HDB ownership transfer to help you with your arrangements:

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1) Your mum can prepare a will to do so. Otherwise, the distribution after death would be based on the intestate succession act.
2) HDB flat is protected from creditors if such a situation arose assuming you are eligible to keep the flat.
3) You are not eligible to purchase an HDB flat if you are still under marriage status, assume your spouse wanted to keep the EC.
4) Do note your child although able to receive an inheritance from your mum, your child also needs to be eligible to keep the flat. For example, single >35 yrs old or married if under 35 yrs old.

5) Assume your EC already meets MOP, you will have to appeal to keep the inheritance from your mum. Because the reality is you not supposed to own any private property to be eligible to keep the flat.

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