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Hi Randy,

You have done a great deal of research on this project and as you have mentioned, there is no lack of good condos around the area, so why are you only looking at this particular project?

There will always be someone like you out there in the market therefore prices are holding due to these demand.

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    Hi Geryl,

    I'm looking at it as it has the highest number of seller to units ratio.
    This translates to more sellers, however price are pretty rigid comparatively.Which is something worth to think about ain't it.

    My queries are mere enquiry to the fellow gurus.

    Are you a profiler? I am puzzle...My mere query bears no relevance to what you claim "people out there".

    Secondly, what has prices holding got to do with demand the scheme of things?

    Among varied reasons, Firms / consumers hold (be it wages or asset) due to expectations.