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Mike Tay
Dear Curious

For exact duties, you can refer to the CEA forms, on the last page - Duties of Estate Agents.


The commission paid is for finding and handling the rental & documentation during the leasing process.

It does not cover Property Management.

Some agents charge property management fee, particular for overseas client. For local client, some agents will do errant out of goodwill.

Hope this clarify.

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Catherine PANG
Many agents provide 'additional services'out of 'good will'. The main duty is to find suitable clients for one party.
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Catherine PANG
Mike, txs, on the CEA forms.. last page..
Duties of Estate Agents.
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  • JW
    Thank you all for the clarifications. Most enlightening. I guess lesson learnt is, there is no requirement to have mandatory clause on commission payable to agent for renewal of contract after the initial one has lapsed.