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1) What is the Agent's Duty?

Typically, after the Tenancy Agreement is signed between the Landlord and Tenant, the Agent can choose his/her level of involvement. Most agents would be more than happy to settle all disputes and issues arising during the period of the tenancy. However, unless this was explicitly stated in the Tenancy Agreement or other binding contracts, there is no guarantee that the Agent will bear this responsibility. Of course, at Propseller, we believe that the Agent should work with you throughout the entire process. Especially knowing that you are based overseas.

2) Can you reject a tenant's option to extend?

It really depends on your Tenancy Agreement. In most cases, yes, you can reject the option. Ultimately, it is your property.

3) Who is liable for the Wall Repair?

We would highly recommend that you refer back to your Tenancy Agreement. It is a binding contract that you can always look back to when handling any disputes or issues. If in the agreement, it clearly states that the Tenant is liable for any repair work done during the tenancy, then he/she will pay for it rather than yourself.

4) What are my rights as a Landlord, if the AC breaks down at the end of the lease?

Most times, the Tenants are liable to maintain the air-conditioners and return them to you in the same condition as you passed it over to them at the start of the tenancy. Again, refer to the Tenancy Agreement so you know what you can enforce.

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Main issue, AC guy caused the issue, but a bit difficult to fight with them, not worth it. So change the AC guy next time.
Some owners settle with tenant directly after one year contract, but you'd better to change another agent because you are oversea.
If aircon damaged when hand over, the tenant will liable to compensation to u, refer to tenancy agreement for details.

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