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Leong Mun Leng (Joey)
Hi Sam,

You are able to buy a condo or apartment and at the same, hold on to your HDB bought in 2001. For this case, the new ruling does not apply to you and MOP is not required if you purchase a private property for investment now. However, should you have any outstanding mortgage loan, you are only able to loan up to 60%.

Should you own any private properties in other countries; you need to dispose all the private properties within 6 months after you purchase a new Executive Condo from HDB.

Currently, I know of a few projects where the developer is coming up with special attractive promotion. If you are not in Singapore, feel free to email me for discussion.

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Irene Lim
Hi Sam

If you bought your flat in yr 2001 you are not affected the latest new measures implemented by HDB on 30 Aug 2010-to fulfill the MOP of 5 yrs to purchase Condo/Apartment for investment.

With your current income >10K (max 12k)you are allowed to purchase EC under Extended family scheme.which mean you have to include your parents as applicant or as a escential occupiers.You are allowed to take housing grant of 40K as long you fulfilled HDB rules and regulation.

Base on the New measures- If your current HDB flat still have outstanding loan with HDB or the bank you can only loan up to 60%. If your current HDB flat loan had cleared you are able to loan from bank 80% for your EC/Condo/Apartment.

If your current HDB flat was purchased direct from HDB you are not allowed any Housing grant for the new purchase resale HDB flat/EC

If you have private property in overseas and you have to abide the new measures implemented on 30 aug 2010 to dispose your overseas private property within 6 months after purchasing a new HDB flat or new EC.

Alternative you can keep your current HDB flat and continue to purchase your Private property for investment.

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  • SL
    Hi Irene,

    Thanks for your valuable input.
    Is that market now still hot?I do not see the prices drop after the goverment cooling action done...
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