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J.A. Goh 吴永益
Hi NeedHelp,

Go for your Option 3.

As your HDB already fully paid, the rental will be passive income. You can use this to pay for the monthly installment of your condo. In other means, use other people's money to pay for your next house.

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Geryl Lim
Dear sir/madam,

All the options are viable judging from your description, however, to know the best option to suit your interest, it is important to know your various commitments as well. Do you need additional cash for your other expenditures or even after buying a condo without selling your existing HDB, you are pretty comfortable in your daily livelihood. Selling your HDB and buying a private property will likely free up additional cash for you to persue other interest or investment, with existing sentiments in the market that there will be a correction, but how true is this, no one will know for sure. We are currently expecting a great supply of units going to mature for occupation in the coming few years therefore this should also be part of your consideration to sell or rent out your HDB.

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Soh Huan Yao (Stanley)

Depending on your needs all your options are viable.
1)If you plan to live in an EC to enjoy the condo facilities, and your finances allows it go ahead, there a few EC launches right now and you can take a look around. you would only need to sell off your hdb in 6 months after it has TOP.
2)Same as option 1 with the execption that you have a wider choices based on your budget and expected cash returns after selling your hdb.
3) If your finances allows it, do consider it. Your hdb unit must already meet the MOP and also you can choice either to buy a small 1/2 bed unit to rent out so the quantumn loan won't be alot or buy a bigger unit so you can rent out your HDB.

There are alot of options for you only to see which fits you. call me or lets fix a appointment for a cup of coffee so we can discuss it out further.

Stanley Soh
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