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Lee Chun Peng Adnic
Hi I agree and also disagree.

From a buyer view point, you may hope to the prices will soften and just like what andy say, 24k down the drain. Yet if the market really goes down, the property price goes down that means you need to TOP UP CASH to Bank to compensate for the difference.

If the market goes up, good, if it goes down your 24k may not cover your Cash you need to fork out to top up the difference.

However as a realtor, I will love to sell you something. There is not hard and fast rule. It boils down to affordabiity and holding power.

If you buy a 1Million propery if it appreciate good. If depreciate say to 800k, you have to top up the different of 200k (althouth not full 200k cash the bank will give you an amount needed to top up to make up for the lost of Asset Value) If you have 200k at the time when market down, great coz in the long run market does goes up due to inflation and other economic factors.

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