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Ander Ang
Hi Andrew,

Latest transacted price was $876psf. To ask for $1kpsf may seem a bit far fetched.

But again, anything is possible. Need to see condition of unit first.

Appreciate you can call me at 96836230 to discuss.

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Dalen Chee
Hello Andrew,

perhaps if you give me more details of your unit, I will be able to do a bank indicative valuation for you. Using that as a rough guide, you can then price your unit more accurately. If priced too high, the banks might not be able to match your asking and your buyers will most likely think twice about forking out the cash over and above the valuation. In that scenario, your unit might be left in the market longer than you expected while the bank interest eats away at your profits.

The key is to price it right so your unit is taken fairly quickly with a reasonable profit as well. That is the tricky part as every seller wants to sell high. It's totally understandable but not always optimal.

Now is definitely a good time to sell and cash out as no one can predict when this bull run will end. Do let me know if you require further assistance. Have a good week.

Best regards
Dalen Chee
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