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Geryl Lim
Dear upgrader, You have an estimated 2 more years to go before your EC TOPs. It is good to make plans ahead, however, in this scenario, it is anybody's guess on how prices will head in 2 years time. There is newspaper reports indicating that there maybe rescinding of some cooling measures introduced but nothing is fixed. No one will want to be held responsible in advising you on how the market will head towards. The magic question you can probable ponder over is what happens if you sell now? What are your alternative accommodations plan? How are you going to hold on to the cash proceeds generated from the sale within these 2 years? Are there any better options out there? Here we are speaking in terms of dollars and cents probably but the intangible value of having to move once or twice and incurring the time to pack up and move, unsettling your family members routine would be immeasurable. Visit and Like my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/propertyblogshop Regards, Geryl LIM Real Estate Director Masters Of Real Estate (L3010548F) CEA Reg R014783H Mobile: +65-81577565/+65-92787772 Email: geryl7772@gmail.com M.O.R.E Landed Dynamic Alliance Home of *7772 Hotline Check out our latest Landed Dynamic Alliance 7772 mobile application on iOS or Android @ "Landed 7772" in Mobile Apps Store or Play Store now! Our next exhibition is on 2nd and 3rd August 2014. If you have missed out successful exhibition on 10th and 11th May, do not miss this opportunity again. Register your interest to attend this showcase event now! Read More