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Miki Mok
Hi Shan Shan,

I have rented about 10 units at Heritage View in the past 12 months, mainly to short term corporate clients who require 6-12 months fully furnished. The average rental for these units is around $4.5k, though if your condition is very good you may fetch slightly higher.

Please do give me a call at 8113 7182 and I will check with my corporate client about the timing for their next incoming tenants (is quite a regular client and has strong preference for Heritage View).

Best regards,
Samuel Ngiam Thong Yeap
Hi Shan Shan,

Think you have quite a fair bit of rental advice from the others but if you would like to cast your network wider with more agents helping out, you can contact me at 92313905 or just drop an email on your unit details/preferred rental/required move-in date/tenant choice requirements etc to llishan@hotmail.com.

Regards & Happy CNY,