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Hi Wee,

Gross Plot Ratio = Gross Floor Area/Land size

In the case of a 3-storey 3000 sq ft inter-terrace with smaller land (around 1700 sq ft),
The GFA = 1.4 x 1700 = 2380sf ($1.6+M)

In the case of a single-storey 2000 sq ft inter terrace with bigger land (around 2500 sq ft),
The GFA = 1.4 x 2500 = 3500 ($1.5+M)

Is the porch area and backyard/wet kitchen area counted as well? YES.

Do write to me dennisweeagent@yahoo.com.sg detailing the condition of the 2 units you are comparing and if you plan to do an A&A, and I will be able to advise you accordingly.


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