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When a tenant signs a Tenancy Agreement with a landlord, he/she is bounded by the following covenants:
1. To pay rent
2. Keep the premises in good repair
3. No unauthorised alterations
4. Not to commit waste
5. Not to sublet
6. Allow access to landlord or potential tenant or buyer to view premises.
7. Pay all other rates, utilities etc.
8. Not to cause nuisance; and
9. Use the premises for its permitted purpose;

Under points 2 of the tenant's covenant, you must ensure the property is in good condition.

A minor repair clause is for the maintenance of the property due to wear and tear and not due to the tenant's negligence. These include the flooring, interior plaster and other surface materials, doors, windows, locks and furniture. The tenant shall pay up to $150 per item while the landlord bears the exceeding $150 per item as stated in the invoice.

As you have mentioned the items are damaged due to wear and tear, you are liable to pay up to $150 per item while the landlord bears the remaining costs.

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