Then and now: 11 things that have changed since COVID-19

Friends make a toast at a rooftop party, backlit by sunlight

It's hard not to go through a single day without talking, reading, listening, or watching anything that is related to the coronavirus.

Countries have isolated themselves, thousands have been infected, and the world's economy is on the brink of collapsing.

But you know what's even harder? Adjusting to life during this rapidly evolving and surreal times.

Whether if it's working from home, spending more time on Netflix, or being a "homebody", below are some of our favourite memes that perfectly encapsulate the funny side of how our lives have changed in the short-term: 

1. Commuting to work


MRT map in Singapore with the various MRT lines and stations

Source: LTA

This was a familiar sight for us, back when everyone had to commute to work, you know, when everyone had to work at an office. 


Today, this is the new map of how we 'commute' around. Should you pass through your cluttered drawer to get to your bedroom, or take the Green Line to the bathroom? The opportunities are endless, really. 


2. Working attire


Working attire then and now

Dressing up for work before the coronavirus outbreak was pretty straightforward; you either wore the standard white shirt and trousers, or if you worked at 'casual' workplaces, your workwear would probably be t-shirt and jeans.



Dare we ask what are you wearing now?

Fun fact: According to one study, people tend to have better 'work mode' when they are dressed in clothes that have 'symbolic meaning'. So the trick to be more productive at home, is to dress as to how you would dress for work.  


3. Working from home 

Meetings (then):

Office meetings before the coronavirus

A time not very long ago in the past, office meetings usually revolve around a group of people held in a room. It can be quite mundane and draining at times. 


Now, this is what it's like when your team is on a conference call.




4. Streaming videos


Streaming your favourite TV shows or videos in the highest quality wasn't a problem at all, provided that you have the internet speed of course. 

video streaming quality then and now covid-19


And to think that 8K would be the standard in 2020, not 480p.


5. Job hazard (then):


Job hazard then and now coronavirus

People would probably freak out when they see someone entering a store with a mask on.




6. Flexing


How people showed off before the coronavirus



How people show off during the coronavirus outbreak


7. Personal hygiene




*Terminator music*

 Personal hygiene during the coronavirus


8. Predicting how the world would end (then and now):



9. Coronavirus lockdown expectations



10. Social life


socialising with friends before covid-19





















11. The environment (now)


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