Redhill Close

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Redhill Close
Bukit Merah is an HDB estate located around a hilly area with red soil. The name Bukit Merah came from the colour of the soil, as Bukit Merah is translated as red hill in Malay. This estate is currently the home of about 150,000 persons with about 50 streets. The streets were built at different times, some as far back as 1969 while others as recently as 2013. These streets also hold blocks of apartments. The flats available across the different blocks of apartments differ in size. Bukit Merah is known for its serene environment. It thus has a high residential appeal. There are about 55,000 flats in Bukit Merah estate.
Redhill Close is located on Bukit Merah estate. These streets also hold blocks of apartments of different sizes. There are about 31 blocks of flats on Redhill Close, with 2022 units in total. These flats were built at different times with some of them built in 1973 and others built in 2001. You can get one, three, four and five-bedroom apartments on Redhill Close. The environment of Redhill Close is also highly serene with greenery to boost. The postal code of the blocks of flats ranges from 150005 to 151088. Some of the flats also have special features such as bomb shelters
There are a lot of facilities located along and around Redhill Close. These facilities include those that ensure ease of commuting for residents of the area. Such facilities include bus stations, MRT stations and roads to lead to major destinations.
With the numerous bus stations located in the neighborhood, residents of Redhill Close can get to several destinations by bus easily. The nearby bus stations include block 72, block 73, opposite block 71, Bukit Merah Town Ctr and block 55.
Buses available at the block 71 bus station include bus 63. Bus 63 is also available at the bus station opposite block 71. At the bus station on block 55, one can board bus 139. The buses available at block 73 bus station include bus 63. At Bukit Merah Town Ctr bus station, one can board 14, 147, 196, 197, 855, 961 and 961C.
Train stations are also available in the neighbourhood to meet the needs of residents that travel by train. These train stations include Redhill MRT Station (EW18), Tiong Bahru MRT Station (EW17), Queenstown MRT Station (EW19), Labrador Park MRT Station (CC22) and Telok Blangah MRT Station (CC28). Redhill MRT is located about 4 minutes and 320 metres away. Tiong Bahru MRT Station is about 15 minutes and 1.25 km away. Queenstown MRT Station is about 17 minutes and 1.42 km away.
Facilities to cater for the peculiar need of parents for their wards, whether childcare or educational are also available. These facilities include childcare centres, secondary schools and primary schools.
Nearby Childcare centres
  • Queenstown Sparkle Tots Childcare Centre
  • The Moral Childcare Centre
  • Bloomberry Kids
  • Modern Montessori Bukit Merah Childcare Centre MMI
  • The Odyssey
Queenstown Sparkle Tots Childcare Centre is located at Tanglin Halt Road. The Moral Childcare Centre is located on Boon Tat Road. Bloomberry Kids is located on Jalan Kikang Barat.
Nearby Primary Schools
  • Gan Eng Seng Primary School
  • Alexandra Primary School
  • Zhangde Primary School
  • River Valley Primary School
  • Bukit Merah Primary School
Gan Eng Seng Primary is located about 150 metres away. Alexandra Primary School is located about 1.01 km away. Zhangde Primary School is located about 1.17 km away.
Nearby Secondary Schools
  • Bukit Merah Secondary School
  • Henderson Secondary School
  • Crescent Girls’ School
  • Queenstown Secondary School
  • CHIJ St. Teresa’s Convent
Bukit Merah Secondary School is located about 360 metres away. Henderson Secondary School is located about 440m away. Crescent Girls’ School is located about 740 metres away.
There are also lifestyle facilities targeted at the different groups of residents along and around Redhill Close. Such facilities are shopping malls, dining places and recreational parks.
Bearby Shopping Malls
  • Dawson Place
  • Depot Heights Shopping Centre
  • Alexandra Central
  • Valley Point
  • Liang Court
Dawson Place is located about 860 metres away. Depot Heights Shopping Centre is located about 920 metres away. Alexandra Central is located about 1.2 km away.
Nearby Dining Places
  • Redhill Food Centre (located on Redhill Lane)
  • Hong Seng Curry Rice (located on Redhill Lane)
  • Shi Le Xuan (located on Redhill Lane)
  • Ruyi Yuan Vegetarian (Vegetarian Restaurant at Redhill Lane.
  • The Sapling (located on Academy block)
Streets connected to Redhill Close include Jalan Bukit Merah, Redhill Road and Tiong Bahru Road.