3 ways to host a football party that’s ‘Champions League worthy’

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3 ways to host a football party that’s ‘Champions League worthy’
Hello! You’ve caught us still trying to process the aftermath of this week’s Champions League matches. Chelsea vs Bayern Munich and Real Madrid Vs Man City were two of the standout games; Chelsea were ripped apart by Bayern Munich 3-0, while Man City registered a superb 2-1 win at the Santiago Bernabeu.
Anyway, if you’re planning to catch the other midweek matches later today – including Man United vs Club Brugge with your mates at home (because what’s fun in watching football alone?), then you probably need to prepare more than a cup of coffee and your trusty alarm clock – you need to make your living room ‘Champions League-worthly’, but you’ll want to do it without disturbing your neighbours and getting a court order to vacate your house.
Here are 3 ways to host a football party at home (without being a noisy neighbour):

#1. Soundproof your home

With your mates around and the surround sound from your entertainment system at full swing, there’s bound to be a lot of chattering, yelling and eruptions of excitement from football commentators themselves.
But if there’s one sound that you don’t want to hear is the sound of grouchy neighbours. If you don’t want to disturb them, you’ll need to soundproof your home. Find and block the gaps between doors, windows, and walls so that noise can’t escape.
Have a long pillow? Place it under your door so sound can’t escape. You’ll also want to use a thick rug for your floor as they help to absorb sound.

#2. Arrange your living room

Make your TV the main focal point in the living room and arrange the seats so that there's a full view of the TV
Before your guests arrive and the matches start, you’ll want to ensure that your living room is arranged properly – so proper space management is crucial.
Arrange your living room in a way that allows the TV to be the main focal point. Seats should be facing the TV, and there should also be a table at the centre for drinks, snacks and remotes. On that note, have several coasters and trays around to prevent accidental spills. Lastly, throw several floor cushions and pillows on the floor to cosy up your living room.

#3. Have lots of snacks and drinks

Taco chips is one of the best snacks for hosting a football party
Besides the game, the company and the halftime analysis from ‘experts’, the food is the next enjoyable thing around. Potato chips, fried chicken, fries, pizzas, satays and tacos, spare no expense in getting unhealthy food!
And don’t forget to balance all that junk food with some refreshments – you’ll need all the liquid to soothe your throat from venting at Anthony Martial for missing a sitter, or at VAR for bailing LiVARpool out again.

Bonus: Do a temperature check

With the coronavirus still rampant out there, it’s best to be safe than sorry. Get a thermometer so that you can check the temperature of your guests (or have several face masks around for extra precaution).
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