Refinance at the right time
and save more.

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Check your eligibility within 2 minutes.
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Get a breakdown of your costs and savings.
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Always be sure of the right time to refinance.

Banks won't tell you when to refinance.

Many Singaporeans only think of refinancing when
we're paying more than we need to.
That's because banks won't tell you it's time to
switch away from them.
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  • Not sure if you
    should refinance?

    SmartRefi advises if refinancing now or later makes more financial sense.
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  • Not sure how much
    refinancing costs?

    SmartRefi gives you a
    full costs and savings estimate, so you know what to look out for.
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  • Not sure when
    to refinance?

    SmartRefi nudges you
    at the right time, so you
    don't ever pay the bank
    more than you should.
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  • Not sure which
    mortgage to choose?

    Our Mortgage Experts offer unbiased recommendations in a 1:1 consultation.
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Smart results you can act on

We go beyond savings and consider your loan structure and refinancing costs against current interest rates, to pinpoint the best time for you to refinance and save.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, SmartRefi and refinancing through PropertyGuru Finance is completely free.
  • SmartRefi tracks your current mortgage against the interest rates of applicable loan packages in the market to calculate your estimated net potential savings. You'll be notified by our Switch Alert email notification whenever there is savings tracked on your loan. When you decide to refinance, PropertyGuru Finance's mortgage experts will help you process your refinancing.
  • Yes, SmartRefi helps you determine if you should refinance based on your eligible savings. When you decide to refinance, PropertyGuru Finance's mortgage experts will available to help you process your refinancing.
  • We partner with all major banks to offer the best refinancing rates and deals in Singapore. We'll do the legwork of comparing loan packages for you and can offer objective and unbiased advice to help you secure the best loan for your financial goals.
  • SmartRefi is powered by the latest refinancing interest rates of all major banks in Singapore. It will determine your potential savings based on the lowest applicable rate in the market. If you'd like to compare the latest refinancing rates, you may do so here.
  • The security of your data is of utmost importance to us. SmartRefi uses the information you provide to calculate and track your potential refinance savings in order to notify you when it's the optimum time for you to refinance. When you choose to refinance through SmartRefi, your loan profile will be shared with our mortgage experts and banking partners in order to process your refinancing application.
    Your data will be encrypted and stored securely in PropertyGuru's database when you create or log into a PropertyGuru account. For further details on how we will handle your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy here. You can withdraw your consent and data by contacting our customer service team: