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“Is dream home affordable? In H. A. Concept, It is our belief and our mission to create dream home for every home owner’s at the most affordable price. How is this possible?”

“Over 30 years in the business, our customers have known us through “word of mouth” through our older customers. By cutting down on our advertising cost and middleman fee, the savings are passed on to our valued customers. Our customers can be assured of quality reliable service and workmanship from us without having to exceed their budget.” ~ Managing Director of H.A. Concept, Sam Tien

About Us:
With more than 3 decades of establishment and experience in the business, H.A. Concept also known as Hoe Aik Renovation Construction started its early days mainly in renovation and construction back in the late 70’s ~ late 90’s. To cater to the business need and customer expectation in the new era, it has since transformed itself to a “one-stop service” company, H.A. Concept. Today H.A. Concept provides a full range of services to the customers from design, construction, renovation, furnishing and polishing to providing products like; fixtures, furnishing and furniture etc. that are directly marketed by H.A. Concept.

Cost-Saving Move- Transforming to a “one stop service”, H.A. Concept does not have to go through a 3rd party for supplies and in doing so customers save more time and money with H.A. Concept.

Our Products & Services:

  • Interior Design
  • Renovation
  • Building & Construction
  • Fixtures installation
  • Home Furnishing & Home Décor Products



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