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We are a specialised Furniture Rental company in Singapore that provide a wide range of good quality Residential furniture and Home appliances for Short & Long term Rental. Our clients include MNC's, Property Developers, Real Estate Agents, Landlords and Expatriates.

Has an apartment for lease? Have you encounter the following problems...

1.         The potential tenants do not like the existing furniture.

2.         The landlord is not willing to purchase or change the furniture.

3.         Should the furniture or appliances break down, who is responsible?

4.         The risk of keeping the new furniture when the tenants terminate the lease earlier.

& Many more...

Now, relieve yourself from all these hassle and let us take care of the problems while you focus on your business. In addition, we often assist our clients to meet the expectations of his/hers needs within the given furniture budget.

At Lian Huat Leasing, we provide...

1.         Flexibility

            A complete range of quality furniture and appliances are available to suit individual needs and preference. There are also various types of packages available for short and long term leasing or purchase.

2.         Budget

            We accommodate according to the budget given by the landlord or the tenant. Alternatively, we can work out a package deal based on your requirement.

3.         Minimal Risk

            If the tenant terminate the lease earlier, we either collect it back or leave it till your next tenant arrives. Moreover, we service any break down at the soonest possible.

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