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Fujioh International Trading Pte Ltd was set up in 1993 specialising in home kitchen appliances. With links with its parent company Fuji Industrial in Japan that designs and manufactures high quality cooker hoods, Fujioh Oil Tech series are specially designed with oily Asian cooking in mind.

The range of high performance and effective cooker hoods remove a remarkably high percentage of greasy fumes from the air and leaves your kitchen beautifully clean and grease free.

With it advanced technology, only Fujioh cooker hoods has an exclusive Rectifier Panel that captures greasy fumes from all directions rather then those that just drift upwards. Together with its removable Oil Tech filter, it retains the airborne oils and fats, which are then collected into an Oil Catch tray. Using the same technology as air conditioners, it uses the quiet and energy - saving Sirocco fan that works effectively whilst you cook.

Fujioh offers 4 different models of Oil Tech Cooker Hoods and a new range of stainless steel and glass top Fujioh Gas Hobs.

Fujioh Oil Tech Cooker Hoods
The range of Fujioh Oil Tech Cooker Hoods is truly impressive. That's because it delivers unrivalled performance and offers the modern housewife the very latest in time saving ease of use, effectiveness and safety.

Created to meet the demands of oily Asian cuisine, Fujioh Oil Tech cooker hoods remove a remarkably high percentage of greasy fumes from the air leaving your kitchen beautifully clean and grease free.

There are four different models of Fujioh Cooker Hoods to choose from. Each comes with a choice of attractive finishings. You will be certain to find a cooker hood that matches your kitchen aesthetics as well as suit your particular cooking requirements.

Fujioh Gas Hobs
Fujioh Gas Hobs is the perfect counterpart for your preferred Fujioh Oil Tech Cooker Jood. In your kitchen, they will make an eye catching pair and complement each other in functions.

Homemakers will love our new range of toughened glass-top hobs. Designed to blend with your modern kitchen decor, they will maintain the heat resistance. Available with or without safety valve, all Fujioh hobs are covered by our 1-year warranty.

The new range of Fujioh's Advanced Gas Hobs complement the outstanding line of Cooker Hoods to provide a total unique cooking experience. Designed with ease of use , maintenance and safety in mind, the Fujioh Gas Hobs also come in functional multi burner configurations.

Fujioh Home Care
Fujioh Home Care lets you enjoy cooking, without having to worry about cleaning up!

Our specially trained cleaning specialists will clean your Fujioh equipment to ensure its optimum performance for years to come.

Fujioh's "Home Care" for Cooker Hoods
*As a token of appreciation for Fujioh owners who sign up for a Fujioh "Home Care" Plan, we offer a 20% discount on the regular retail price of all Fujioh parts and accessories (except AD-HOC cleaning).

Please call our Fujioh "Home Care" hotline or 6286 2284, if you have any queries regarding the packages mentioned here. Our team of customer service officers will be happy to answer your queries.

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